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Method for sample preparation and HPLC analysis for quantification of PAHs in asphalt

A method was developed subjecting the asphalt sample to a soxhlet extraction with CH2Cl2 (2mL solvent per g asphalt) during 4 hours. The extract was purified on a silica column following the protocol described under result 4. From the eluted solution the CH2Cl2 was evaporated under rotation at 100 mbar and the residue was filled up to a defined volume with methanol.

The methanolic solution could be directly injected into HPLC. An elution gradient reversed phase HPLC method using a standard C18 column was developed for an appropriate separation of the 16 EPA PAHs, since no specialized PAH column was available.

The recovery for the complete sample preparation procedure was determined for each individual PAH (between 81% for naphthalene and 99% for phenanthrene). Quantification was carried out using individual external calibration. The use of a UV photodiode array detector enabled peak identification and individual optimisation of selective detection wavelength.

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