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Project ID: FIGM-CT-2000-00068
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-EAECTP C
Kraj: Italy

High-energy neutron detectors by fission reactions in Bi, Au, and Tantalum

The APAT group employs a stack formed by several different passive detectors (track detectors, bubble detectors, TLDs) and personal electronic dosimeters.

By the proper choice of the detectors to be used, it is possible to obtain a stack respectively for the spectrometry of low and high energy neutrons and for the cosmic ray dosimetry.

Several new etch-track detectors are used which are based on the registration of neutron-induced recoil tracks in polycarbonate and CR-39 detectors and/or neutron-induced fission tracks in heavy elements. The successful applications of these detectors for the measurement of sufficiently low cosmic ray neutron doses have been made possible by exploiting a new track detection principle, of which APAT claims the intellectual and proprietary rights.

The above detectors have been calibrated with neutrons beams with energy up to about 200MeV. For energies above 200MeV, the responses of all these detectors have been studied with monoenergetic proton beams. The exposure facilities used for these studies have been made available from throughout Europe, South Africa, Russia and North America within the present and previous CEC contracts. Two of these novel detectors are based on neutron induced-fission in bismuth and gold, which are the only two detectors capable of the selective measurement of neutrons with energy larger than 50MeV.

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