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Project ID: FIGM-CT-2000-00068
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EAECTP C
País: United Kingdom

In-flight determinations of route doses and dose rates using passive detectors

In-flight determinations of route doses and dose rates for a wide range of flight profiles (altitude and latitude) during the period of maximum solar activity, in particular a comprehensive set of repeated measurements for Concorde.

For measurements in aircraft, the NRPB uses a passive survey instrument with etched track detectors to measure the neutron component of the field plus neutron-like interactions of protons (via secondaries from strong force interactions) and TLDs to measure the non-neutron component.

The survey instrument consists of a glass reinforced polyester (GRP) box of dimensions 255x250x125mm containing a central block of 36 etched track detectors arranged in 6 mutually orthogonal stacks of 6 dosemeters in order to have, in aggregate, a response independent of the direction characteristics of the radiation field, 30 thermoluminescence dosemeters(TLDs) and 2 electronic personal dosemeters (EPDs) to record the time profile of the radiation field.

Reported by

National Radiological Protection Board
Chilton, Didcot
OX11 0RQ Oxon
United Kingdom
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