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Project ID: FIGM-CT-2000-00068
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EAECTP C
País: Germany

Calibration and detector characterisation in different radiation fields

Calibration and detector characterisation in different radiation fields. The TEPC/CACS system has been exposed to neutron beams having energies ranging from 0.5MeV up to 200MeV. Up to 20MeV PTB provides ISO reference fields. Above 20MeV, only facilities in Belgium, Sweden and Southafrica have suitable neutron beams installed. From these measurements the calibration for the so-called high-LET radiations as neutrons is obtained.

During the project the calibration in high-energy photon reference fields at photon energies of 6-7MeV emerged as a very important issue. Therefore, the ISO R-F photon reference fields at PTB are used of the calibration of the so-called low-LET radiations like photons and electrons.

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