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Annual economic report on economic performance of selected European fishing fleets

The report aims to support the economic advice provided by STECF according to the EC Regulation 2371/2002 of 20 December 2002, article 33, and to contribute to inclusion of economic considerations when new measures under CFP are being developed.

The selection of the fishing fleets, discussed in this report, is based on practical considerations of data availability or accessibility. Although some major segments of the various national fleets are not (yet) covered and various statistical problems exist, the contributing institutes have succeeded in bringing together data that has never been published before. The report shows data that is available and identifies data that is not. It points to the fundamental problems relating to the possibilities of empirical economic analysis of fishing fleets, given the current state of knowledge and statistics.

The report is composed of 20 chapters, organised by country, covering all EU Member States with marine fisheries, the new Member States in the Baltic area as well as Iceland, Norway and Faeroe Islands. Economic performance of 86 specific segments of fishing fleets is discussed, mostly relating to 2003 and in some cases to 2002. A parallel statistical appendix supplements each chapter, presenting time series for the period 1998-2003.

Dissemination: Annually 750 copies of the report were disseminated to professional readers and 1200 popular leaflets were to general public. 45 articles were published by partners in the project.

Innovation: The project has continued a unique series of information on economic performance of European fisheries.

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