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TENORMHARM Report Summary

Project ID: FIGM-CT-2001-00174
Funded under: FP5-EAECTP C
Country: Germany

Existing practices and methods for re-use or storage of TENORM

Each participant selected one or two industrial branches of any relevance within the concerning country and prepared an overview of the applied methods for re-use or disposal and, if appropriate to indicate the best options.

As it was proven during previous tasks in majority investigated national cases the efforts are focused on comprehensive evaluation of TENORM and therefore it is not possible to estimate the meaningfulness of TENORM re-use or even the correctness of its disposal. In majority cases the TENORM treatment has a temporary nature and is focused on keeping it in natural state and minimise detrimental effects rather than reprocessing. Only in case of CCP and waste rock materials there are common use for construction materials production. In spite of that for this purpose the requirement enclosed in Radiation Protection 112 were applied.

Few reports describes the national approach to the re-use or the final treatment of TENORM. They deal generally with TENORM treatment (Slovenia, Czech Republic) or concern specific situation in relation to TENORM occurrence (Poland). Basing on data that had been collected during previous tasks realization a list of all substances that occur in different kind of industry and can be classified as NORM or TENORM was prepared. For every one the pieces of information concerning the actual practice of storage, recommendation and re-use were compiled. It can be shown that in different countries the same kind of waste occurred but the treatment differed each other.

Furthermore, some methods for re-use or disposal, which are “radiologically safe”, are not applicable due to restrictions of other regulations, e.g. on soil and water protection and common waste management. That was demonstrated for re-use or disposal of residues from oil and gas extraction in Germany.

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