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Life time prediction tools of C/C-composites used for high and ultrahigh temperature applications

The mechanical behaviour of C/C-SiC low cost composites has been investigated in coupon and component (tube) scales at different temperatures ranging from 1250°C to 1400°C. Of primary interest was the investigation-characterisation of material’s creep behaviour and lifetime prediction starting from coupons and scaling up to components.

It is suggested that creep is not the main damage mechanism for the loads, timescales and temperatures under consideration. Other mechanisms seem to play more dominant role like matrix cracking, fibre failure, and interfacial sliding. A model that captures the essential features of the exhibited behaviour is proposed and currently under development. For tube-like components where stress state is more complicated than coupons, damage state was assessed via strain measurements and experimental results are currently being processed.

Based on the experimental results and the analysis that has been done so far, it is possible to construct a “roadmap” with guidelines and best-practice guidelines to aid the designer’s task when utilising such materials. Furthermore an existence of such a life-prediction model and design tool is very important for the industry. In its final version this tool will take the form of software that will be connected with other state of the art CAE tolls, like FEM codes, and will make the design of CMC components an automated interactive procedure.

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