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Deformation and failure behaviour of thermomechanical loaded C/C-SiC

Tensile tests on SCHUNK and DLR materials developed and on the BoraSiC coating system were performed to characterise the material behaviour from room temperature up to 1550°C. Medium term creep tests at 1250°C up to 1000 hours on flat specimen with different additional BoraSiC coatings were performed. Up to now these materials show at temperatures up to 1250°C no distinctive creep behaviour. One SCHUNK material was investigated under dynamic tension/tension loading. No significant change in strain, young's modulus or crack density was detected up to 100.000 cycles.

By means of internal pressure tests the gas permeability and burst behaviour at ambient temperature were determined on SKT and DLR material. Investigation on tubes with two open ends and tubes with flange and end cap were performed to characterise the pure tube material and also the influence of the flange and the geometry of the end cap on the burst behaviour.

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