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Improved filament winding techniques for CMC tubes including in-situ joining techniques

The improvement of the filament winding is tailored to reduce the damage caused by shrinking effects by an optimised fibre pattern as well as selection of C-fibres for reinforcement. After completion of this subtask, the achieved progress can be directly introduced in the existing manufacturing technology for commercial products at Schunk. In particular, filament winded parts with high wall thickness up to 50mm or more show in practice an unacceptable high rate of wasted parts. More than 100,000 Euros can be saved per year by avoiding such extreme delamination defects as observed in the beginning of the project.

Furthermore, all improvements in the reliability of the winding processes can be immediately used for commercial productions. This is valid for gas pipes, heating tubes, load carrying parts and high temperature drive shafts. The in-situ joining technique offers new methods for load introductions. The mechanical potential can be determined by tests developed within HITHEX by the DLR in Stuttgart.

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