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Non-destructive testing of CMC tubes

The availability of an easy and reliable non-destructive testing method for ceramic matrix composites is a prerequisite for their widespread application. Failure may occur due to faults or damages in the manufacturing process; their detection is essential before a component’s integration into a complex system.

An ultrasonic inspection method with some attractive advantages compared to other NDT methods has been developed and application-tested; it is fast, reliable, cost-efficient, applicable for more complex geometries, e.g. tubes. A high resolution 4-axis ultrasonic testing device is being used. In principle, there are no limitations to the component size, only the scannable thickness and the minimum detectable defect size are limited, mainly by the material’s porosity and the presence of delaminations in the structure, i.e. by potentially failure-relevant faults. Both flat and tubular specimens with a (wall) thickness of up to 10 mm were successfully tested.

The technology could also be used for NDT of fibre reinforced polymers, metal matrix composites and other high end materials that are currently difficult to evaluate, but need a reliable quality control for application in safety-relevant fields where a failure might cause significant material damage or even damage to people’s health and life.

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