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Advanced thermophysical characterization of CMC materials

The anisotropy of fibre reinforced materials such as ceramic matrix composites requires a determination of their thermophysical properties in all directions (e.g. in fibre, perpendicular to fibre direction). The manufacturing process of such materials often results in geometry dependent properties, e.g. the process leading to tubular samples often does not allow manufacturing flat test samples with comparable properties.

Up to now, most test methods for thermal conductivity / diffusivity, thermal expansion, emissivity only allow the testing flat or otherwise simple shaped samples (e.g. cylinders for CTE measurements). The test methods developed are no longer limited to those geometries, e.g. the direct measurement of arched samples is now possible, allowing an application-relevant determination of key properties in a geometry that is relevant for the real-case application scenario.

This is achieved by specific sample preparation, modified, sample holders and the application of mathematical correction of geometry effects.

The application of these test methods is mainly in (but not limited to) the wide field of anisotropic materials, namely fibre reinforced / composite materials.

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