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Routes for manufacture of CMC-tubes - RTM manufacturing

CMC tubes with a length up to 900mm can be manufactured at DLR via the resin transfer moulding (RTM) technique. The tube fabrication functions with pressures of up to 20bar. The curing time depends mainly on the used phenolic-based resin system. The method starts with dry carbon fabrics which are wound on a steel core and which were then inserted in a mould chamber. External pressure is applied on the chamber, so that the resin can infiltrate in the fabric. The technique is advantageous for the manufacture of small tubes and sophisticated prototypes. The tubes exhibit high strength. The tubes could be pyrolysed without deformations.

The final in-situ joining allows the production of one end closed tubes (end cap) with a flange. The final tubular dimensions (length, wall thickness, dimensions of flange and end cap) meet the requirements defined by the end-user.

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