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Thermocyclic oxidation tests

Rapid thermal cycling under oxidising conditions is a critical test for materials, which are intrinsically vulnerable to oxidation even when elaborate steps are taken to protect them. The manufacturing process of the composites of the HITHEX project inevitably leads to microcracks thereby making it necessary to develop advanced coatings to seal the surface and prevent ingress of oxidising species. Even the advanced coatings of this project have limited ability to achieve this objective, due to thermal property mismatches.

IE-JRC has developed a rapid test to discriminate and rank the different coating/material combinations using a furnace designed to accomodate eventually complex environments. The furnace operates by transporting test materials into and out of the hot zone whilst maintaining the test environment. Dwell time at high temperature [1250°C, up to 1500°C is possible] of a single cycle was 5h, allowing a significant time for the oxidation protection to achieve its designed aim. Up to 30 cycles were used with maximum heating rates of 20K/sec.

This test is complementary to the complex corrosion test.

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