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Experimental data

The project has yielded a valuable set of experimental results on the kinetics of the ferrite formation from austenite in several types of steel, and on the resulting microstructures. Since different experimental techniques have been used (Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy, dilatometry, microscopy and others), different aspects of the kinetics and of the microstructures have been highlighted.

A very good accuracy has been achieved, which makes the results very useful for interpretation in terms of kinetic and microstructural models (specifically: phase-field modelling). The results can thus serve as a basis for further understanding of the occurring phenomena, but can (and will) also be used in the education of both undergraduate and graduate students in Materials Science and Engineering. Besides, with the help of these results the potential for scientific interaction and collaboration with research groups in the field has been strongly enhanced.

Reported by

Corus RD&T
Swinden Technology Centre, Moorgate
S60 3AR Rotherham
United Kingdom