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Gas analysis with laser Raman spectroscopy

A way to analyse the product gas, is to use the Raman Spectroscopy. The light source, which was used in this project, was a pulsed laser beam at the wavelength of 532nm.

This method can be used in every gasification system and has the advantage that it is an on-line application. This enables to observe the quality of the gas and to fix parameters like the temperature of the gasifier or its pressure, so that the heating value of the product gas becomes as high as possible.

Another very important signal that can be received with a Raman Spectroscopy set- up system is the strong fluorescence signal of the tars that are in the product gas. This on-line signal can help to reduce the tars in the gas and to optimise their content in it.

The main advantage of this technology compared to commonly used measurement methods is the availability of on-line data of different species and the tar content, which can be measured simultaneously.

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