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Gasification of cotton

Gasification tests of cotton residues in a gasifier have been done in order to investigate the product gas composition and to select appropriate bed materials.

The results obtained so far are very promising. The experiments have shown clearly that it is possible to obtain a high quality product gas from cotton residues. Two kinds of experiments were done, one with air and one with water steam.

Both gasification applications have shown that the production of hydrogen rich gases is possible.

Olivine proved a very good quality bed inventory for cotton residues gasification. No problems of ash sintering and agglomerations were observed at temperatures up to 900 degrees Celsius.

So gasification of cotton residues can be appropriate for small-scale applications.

Reported by

Lab. Of Steam Boilers and Thermal Plants, National Technical University of Athens
9, Heroon Polytechniou str.
15780 Athens
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