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Conclusion from the market studies

The Biomass Heatpipe Reformer is a newly developed gasification system, which enables the production of medium calorific and hydrogen rich fuel gases from any biomass or waste.

The potentials for the gasification are depending on competitive usage, on growth conditions, on harvesting conditions and on local distribution of usable ground. These facts differ from country to country.

At the moment there is missing a satisfactory working gasification system in the market, especially for small-scale applications. A substantial potential for the gasification of biomass via BioHPR technology could be found. The transportation costs of the biomass is a critical factor to be considered. That’s why application at site, where the biomass comes up are most interesting. The BioHPR with an adapted size is a promising option for an integrated concept for decentralised energetic use of otherwise not usable materials for heat and power production.

Different industrial segments that are of special interest for the BioHPR technology could be defined.

It was also found, when the available literature data from fermentation and gasification processes was studied, that biomass with a high total organic content (TOC) is the most interesting input product for syngas production as compared to the alternative biogas production via fermentation. The data clearly show two regions, the biogas region and the gasification region. Materials that have more than 60%TOC seem to be better for gasification.

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