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Firing a gas-turbine with hot gas from pyrolysis type gasification

Pyrolysis-gas can be burnt in the amended gas-turbine at continuous operation. Tar condensation problem can avoid with heated intake section, fittings and application with adequate discharging points. Fuel supply control system has to have high operation speed which fits to the gas-turbine operation. Only recuperated gas-turbine can be applied which gives enough high air temperature at fire chamber inlet, which is necessary for complete burning of very lean gas mixtures.

Some modification at injectors can be necessary to resist to short flames, in order to avoid any damage and keep up operation for long term. Emission data can be kept in acceptable range. Gas turbine operation is sensitive for fuel pressure.

For acceptable operation and controllability fuel has to have at least 1-2 bar higher inlet pressure over the fire chamber pressure value. As leaner the fuel-gas as higher pressure difference is needed.

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