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Development of a CFD tool to simulate alkali-salt deposition in pf-boiler

The development of a post-processing tool of CFD code aimed at simulating alkali-salt deposition in pf-boiler has been completed. The code includes well-assessed mechanisms available in literature: alkali–chlorine reactions, models for alkali adsorption from silicates and alkali salt deposition mechanism on heat transfer surfaces.

The predictive capability of the code was assessed by full-scale measurement and the tool was used to foreseen deposition rate and deposit composition on the heat-exchangers (boiler, SH, RH) during coal combustion as well as waste co-combustion.

As the industrial and economic relevance of the utilisation of biomass and waste in energy production is growing, the assessment of a comprehensive mechanism of alkali-salt deposition can be a powerful tool to evaluate operation flexibility of existing power plant to burn different fuel mix (power generation utilities) and to design and select boiler materials with respect to corrosion problems (manufacturing).

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