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A method for optimisation of multifuel-based bioenergy production

Fuel and process optimisation is needed when substituting ordinary fuels with solid biomass fuels. As fuel blending changes the behaviour of fuels during combustion, optimisation of the proportion of fuels in the fuel blend is required. Several approaches are available for the optimisation work.

Pilot-scale reactors have been applied in studying the interaction of sulphur -chlorine- aluminium silicate species in order to find optimal shares of fuels in terms of safe and efficient combustion. Pilot-scale tests have been supported by studies where biomass combustion and its effect on boiler fouling and corrosion has been monitored with temperature controlled probes at large-scale power plants.

With the aid of the measurements, analysis and modelling methods, the influence of fuel blend and fuel-ash properties on deposit formation, corrosion and heat transfer has been identified.

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