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Deposit characteristics during co-combustion in pc-boiler

ENEL objective for this project is to assess the feasibility of RDF-coal co-combustion in pf-boiler without affecting thermal performance or damaging the existing components and respecting, at the same time, the emission limits fixed.

Deposit measurements and its characterisation have been carried out during baseline and co-firing tests in pilot-scale unit and full-scale power plant at different thermal load and fuel blends. Full-scale test (320MWe pf-boiler) highlighted the increase of ash deposition on tubes of SH and the chemical fractionation analysis of the deposit showed the increase of chlorides content. This may produce the increase of corrosion potential of the deposit; long term corrosion test were not performed because of feeding and supply problems of RDF and the short term test did not shows any deterioration of the boiler.

The full-scale data were used to assess the predictive capability of the alkali salt deposition models developed within the project.

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