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Chemoresistance and other functional studies in Mantle cell lymphoma

The co-workers of workpackage 4 (Universities of Nymegen, Kiel and Copenhagen) have developed methods to study and analyse the biological function of mantle cell lymphoma cells and its value in response to therapy. Thus, we established a significant role of CD40 ligand for long lived primary tumor cultures.

We confirmed in larger scale the importance, not only of genetic changes, but also of unbalances in the apoptotic machinery (including many members of the bcl-2 family, caspases and IAPs) for both the pathogenesis and the resistance to therapy of MCL cells. We tested up-front new therapeutical agents (CD40L, TRAIL, NFkappaB-inhibitors) on primary cell cultures and developed methods to test their applicability and potential efficiency in the individual patients suffering from the otherwise incurable MCL lymphoma subtype.

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University Hospital Copenhagen, H:S Rigshospitalet
Blegdamsvej 9
2200 Copenhagen
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