Servicio de Información Comunitario sobre Investigación y Desarrollo - CORDIS

Website for internal communication between the project partners and external website for dissemination of results

A public Internet site was used as a major means to disseminate project information to interested parties outside the project. A specific domain name ( designated for the project site was registered. The site was administered by a webmaster from one of the project partners. In order to facilitate the accessibility to the web site, relevant key words were submitted and the site added to the following search engines:
- Alta Vista at
- Google at
- Yahoo at

Use of the site was also promoted through direct contacts with potential users, e.g. via distribution of a printed information leaflet.

During a 13-day period the project site had about 300-400 visits from people interested in the content of the project, which makes an average of about 25 visits per day.

The Webmaster of the site has also obtained requests about papers listed in the publication list at the website, and chemicals produced in the project, which shows that the site has attracted the attention of interested parties and worked as an intermediate link to the scientists working in the project.

A printed leaflet about the project was produced and distributed to National Reference Laboratories and other key persons at the “Fourth International Symposium of Hormone and Veterinary Drug Residue Analysis” in Antwerp, Belgium, June 4-7 2002. One of the aims is to direct readers toward the public website of the project.

Dissemination and coordination within the project was facilitated by the use of a restricted access conference web site named The GlucBoard.

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