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Experimental production of non-classical multimode states of light in cw optical parametric oscillators

Intracavity parametric generation is one of the most efficient ways of producing single mode non-classical light in the continuous wave regime and with a low power pump. If one wants to produce in an analogous way multimode non-classical light, or amplify images in the cw regime, one must use optical cavities having transverse degenerate modes, such as planar, confocal or semi-confocal cavities. ENS, in collaboration with INFM for the theoretical part, has undertaken the study of such devices.

At the beginning of the QUANTIM project, they showed that they were able to produce complex optical patterns on the signal and idler modes that were correlated at the quantum level even though they had different shapes, and they ascertained the multimode character of these patterns at the quantum level. When operating in the frequency degenerate mode, the system was then shown to amplify weak images in a phase sensitive way, with a maximum gain of approximately 3, and to generate a quantum correlation between its two polarisation components.

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ENS Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
UPMC Case 74
75252 Paris
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