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Available PCR kit for sheep and goat

Two prototypes have been developed in the scope of SRLV-Control project. One prototype is specific for goats and the other is specific for sheep. Further developments are necessary in order to improve the sensitivity of both of them. However, these prototypes already allow to detect the viruses in false sero-negative animals. The reliability of these tests is to be further tested.

The new kit is a great interest for the actors of goat and sheep field: For the semen producers, the first effect of the project will be to know earlier if the young bucks are infected or not, reduce the quarantine delay that has to be respected today, and the time to be waited before use of the semen stocks. It would be an important asset for the development of their business. Considering the potential volume of the market, it is clear that the SMEs will cover a large market.

The sheep/goat breeding SMEs can exploit the results following three principal directions:

- For SRLV-free flocks/herds, the result will enable to keep the health status secured, even if new animals are imported from other flocks.
- For flocks/herds that are almost SRLV-free, it will offer the possibility to efficiently eliminate the last source of infection; i.e. the sero-negative but infected individuals.
- For the infected flocks/herds, it will offer the possibility to detect infection more efficiently and thus accelerate the eradication of the infection.

Because a negative result with this new test is more reliable than the common serology, flocks/herds with an established ‘SRLV-free’ status will be able to maintain this status at lower cost. For both sheep and goat, an effective control of the infection will enable the safe application of AI, which in itself is essential to the further development of the sector. For the test producer, the test for blood developed in this project will be commercially available to laboratories all over Europe and beyond.

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