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PLZT high permittivity powder

A new PLZT (i.e., (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3) composition in the 'very soft' category has been developed.

The composition has a rather high permittivity (free: 3270; clamped: 2350), useful for electrical impedance matching of medical ultrasonic arrays, and a thickness coupling factor of 0.37.

The exploitation of this PLZT composition is limited by a somewhat low thickness coupling factor, and other high-permittivity compositions from different systems (PNNZT, PMN-PT) developed in PIRAMID will be preferred at present, also for the work on a low-loss variant with medium-high permittivity. Hopefully future development by Ferroperm Piezoceramics will lead to improved compositions in the PLZT system as well.

Such further development is foreseen in the scope of the fp6-STREP project MINUET (NMP2-CT-2004-505657), where a number of composition systems will be considered and the PIRAMID results on PLZT will be useful.

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Hejreskovvej, 18A
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