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Array transducers

Two types of reference devices are being manufactured and characterised for medical imaging, a high frequency and high sensitivity linear array transducer i.e. 20 MHz, and a multilayer linear array transducer, i.e. 6MHz.

For high frequency ceramic samples, high fragility was observed during the manufacturing stage. However, electrical impedance measurements show intrinsic performance comparable to that of reference products.

Amongst the multilayered samples delivered to Vermon, the composition 70/30 PMN-PT exhibits better performance and lets expect exciting perspective in further development steps:
- Demonstrator using multilayer material has been built based on the reference design for imaging product; characteristics are promising with the exception of sensitivity level as compared to reference device.

- On the other hand, thick film and more particularly multilayered ceramics would certainly need a suitable fabrication method combined with further material development stages that will take into account their intrinsic parameters (fragility, acoustic and electrical matching, etc.) in order to reveal their performance potential and outperform single layer designs in high end applications.

- Scientific Publications:
-- High frequency piezo-composite transducer array designed for ultrasound scanning applications, IEEE UFFC Symposium 1996.

-- 20MHz ultrasound array for medical imaging from design to image evaluation, IEEE UFFC Symposium 2001.

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