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Modelling of textured ceramics

For textured ceramics which are composed at least of two piezoelectric phases, homogenisation models have been developed to simulate all the effective parameters of such piezoelectric materials considered as composites. With the electroelastic moduli of each phase, effective parameters as a function of single crystal volume fraction are calculated.

The model is based on a generalisation of series and parallel connections (2-2 connectivity) with a matrix method. The materials can be completely represented by a unit cubic cell in which the single crystal phase is represented by a single inclusion, and the rest of the volume represents the other piezoelectric phase. This representation is applicable to different connectivities by changing the shape of the inclusion in the unit cell.

Several connectivities (0-3, 3-3, 3-0) have been studied in order to optimise the effective properties of the textured ceramics according to the spatial arrangement of the phases. The choice of the phase and corresponding properties have also been studied by an optimisation process.

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