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Multilayer structures (Process)

This result relates to the fabrication of multilayer piezoelectric structures of the new materials developed in PIRAMID. By laminating green sheets of piezoelectric ceramics with printed metal electrodes between the layers, followed by binder burn-out and sintering, piezoelectric components with layered internal electrodes can easily be fabricated. Such components can be used for a multitude of applications as actuators and transducers, especially related to audible sound and ultrasound devices. The thin layers and internal electrodes reduce the driving voltage of the component compared to similar bulk components, thereby reducing the cost and weight of the devices and simplifying the signal processing.

The innovative feature of the result is related to the new materials developed in the project. The new materials require new procedures for the various processing steps in order to obtain the desired phase and textural properties. The result will be used for preparation of industrial demonstrators in PIRAMID. After completion of the project it will contribute to the knowledge basis of SINTEF as a multidisciplinary technological contract research institute. It will be used in new projects with industrial clients in the future and thereby increase the competitiveness of European industry.

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