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Heat meter transducer

The main goal is to develop and manufacture the high efficiency ultrasonic transducer for liquid flow measuring, based on the piezoelectric ceramics. The transducer will be incorporated in the flow measuring cell of the heat meter. The main advantage and improvement upon the so far existing transducers are in the piston-like operation mode. This mode enhances the accuracy of the heat meter and reduces its sensitivity upon the flow perturbations.

The calculations and simulations give the result that the optimal shape f the transducer is the multilayer structure with 5 interlayer electrodes.

The so far executed measurements indicate the error of the meter close to its metrological requested limits.

The demonstrator transducers have been manufactured and glued with epoxyde resin to the PES membrane. It was a sensing part of the flow measuring system. This system has been successfully connected and tuned to the electronic circuitry.

The operating frequency is 2,1 MHz. The final measurements that should have proven the quality of the meter were metrological tests. We have measured the meter on the test line within the flow range from 35l/h to 3500l/h. The verification was successful, and showed for the order of magnitude better accuracy and stability compared to the reference meter.

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