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Underwater acoustic transducers

The initial goal of this study for TUS was to increase the sound level (3dB minimum) of Barrel Stave transducer.

That means:
- Ceramics, which withstand more power;
- Improved design of the shell to withstand more stress and vibration level.

First, the design (material and shape) of the shell has been optimised. Two kind of shell has been manufactured. The new Ti and steel shell design allowed to withstand the increase of sound level and endurance tests (electrical power > 1200W) have been fulfilled only with steel shell because the Ti transducers has been broken (fall down on the ground).

The new ceramics (PMN from TRT, PZ 21 and PZ 54) allowed to increase the sound pressure level:
- 2 dB for the PZ 21 and PZ 54 from FERROPERM;
- 5 dB for the PMN material from TRT.

Moreover, the endurance tests showed than PZ 21 are not compliant with the specific requirements (8s of pulse duration and 20% of duty cycle).

With hard stress excitation, the temperature raises and modifies the impedance of the transducer: Rp decreases. So with a standard (not controlled) power unit, the power increase, so the temperature raise more and it’s looped.

Maybe, to decrease this effect, we have to optimise the design of the complete transducer to get a better thermal dissipation of the power coming from the Joule effect.

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