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The key factors for commercial success for new triaxial accelrometers are:
- Lower weight;
- Smaller size;
- Cheaper;
- Better performance.

Not all of them need to be fulfilled at the same time but some of them should be significant better the commercial available products today.

The application for this accelerometer is development and test of complicated structures in industries where price, time to market and performance are important.

The application area is development of products including modalanalysis for development and multichannel data aquisition systems for test.

The transducers will be components for new and existing systems already available on the market.

The endusers are the car manufacturing and aircraft industries, who will benefit from new products in terms of products with lower weight, lower power comsumption and lower noise and lower pollution.

Some of the suggested solutions are better than the state of art. The main outcome is a new design with fewer components and prepared for use of bulk or tape PE material and new materials with better performance or lead free.

Due to the fewer components a more compact, low weight, better specifications or cheaper transducer can be expected.

The market we address with this product is the R&D, test and engineering market that is 84 MUSD and an increasing part is 3 axial accelerometers. Due to multichannel systems with more channels a lower channel price can be expected.

The critical factors are:
- Further development of the new technology for tape casting of PE material with uniform and good properties.

The dimensions after sintering are not veldefined and the electrode patterning must also be accurate.

Further development of joining techniques. The few components must be glued or welded together and with precise screenprinting.

Use of lead free welding is another issue do a higher welding temperature.

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