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Nanomotion Ltd. produces ultrasonic piezo-ceramic motors based on proprietary materials and technology. These motors are commercialized in many application especially in precision motion applications. A growing activity is the implementation of the motors into mass markets applications.

Within the PIRAMID project several objectives where set for the motors:
- Motors for high precision motion application:
-- Improve dynamic performance of the motors by using piezoelectric materials with enhanced properties.

-- Stabilize performance over temperature & time (aging).

-- Reduce nonlinear effect of electric field on Piezo properties.

- Develop better capabilities for high volume consumer products:
-- Develop methods for enabling the use of as sintered piezo elements for motors to reduce material costs.

-- Proof feasibility for the use of Lead free material for Nanomotion ultrasonic motors.

-- Reduce operation voltage by implementing multi-layer piezo elements in motors. Multi layer motors were already implemented and the main challege here is in cost reduction.

Within the PIRAMID project material properties were specified, Nanomotion propriety modelling was used to simulate motor performance vs. material properties. A reference demonstrator was developed and tested. It is planned to prove by manufacturing of operational demonstrators improved motor performance, reduced sensitivity to temperature, aging and high electrical field. Also demonstrators of motors with multi-layers, piezo materials operating at low voltage will be demonstrated. Finally motors with lead free and low lead content will be demonstrated.

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