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Supercritical water gasification to convert waste-biomass slurry into fuel gas with high hydrogen content

The project tested successfully the supercritical water gasification (SCWG) of different waste biomass slurries for the production of fuel gas with a high hydrogen content in a bench scale unit (10-30l/hr) and a large pilot plant (100l/hr).

The results have large commercial implications, as SCWG is a new process of converting a waste stream into valuable fuel gas. It can lead to the construction of new power plants using tester waste and greenhouse biowaste as input and generating a valuable fuel gas to be used for combustion, electricity production in fuel cells and microturbines and heating/cooling on site.

The results have large social implications as waste streams are collected, processed and converted into bioslurries as fuel for the SCWG. Thus new jobs are generated in the bioprocessing phase and SCWG plant operation.

The results have large scientific implications as they demonstrate the ability to split water using a waste carbon source to produce hydrogen.

The results will be used by the project partners to continue the bench and pilot scale research with further demonstration scale testing during the scale-up phase. Similar research will also be initiated in other sectors that have biowaste suitable for conversion into fuel gas. These sectors include vegetable/fruit processing and packaging, animal husbandy, livestock slaughtering, pulp and paper production, sewage treatment, biofeedstock production, fuel crop production etc.

The use potential of SCWG is large as many sectors have wet organic wastes that now require large waste treatment facilities using fossil energy. The faster and smaller sized SCWG can replace these facilities and generate a valuable fuel gas to power the own facility (10-20% of energy content of the waste is used for slurry production, pressurisation and heating of the waste stream).

Other interested parties that provide added value can enhance the consortium.

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