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Extended single carrier modelling software

The functionality of the Semi hydrocarbon migration modelling software package has been extended. The modelling software now incorporates fault capillary properties calculated from fault offsets and the nature of the faulted stratigraphy. The software has been extended to incorporate spatially variable stratigraphy and temporal variation in fault seal capacity due to changes in the density of the trapped hydrocarbon phase.

A representative wells approach has been implemented using “well areas”. An interpolator calculates the distances to the nearest wells all over the study area and combines this with the top and base of the single carrier (for stratigraphic control) to provide variable fault seal attributes on all faults within the model area. The fault seal code has been incorporated in a Monte Carlo simulation approach that simplifies the study of sensitivities and uncertainties with respect to measured and modelled hydrocarbon contacts.

The software extension is complete and is currently being applied to oilfield exploration data from a variety of settings. Semi is to our knowledge the only available software tool, which allows routine incorporation of fault seal attributes into migration modelling. The extended version provides hydrocarbon explorationists with an improved tool for routinely incorporating all of the available wells into migration models.

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S. P. Andersens Vei 15B
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