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Inventory of potential designs for heat exchangers and buffer stores using PCM materials

Small scale heat exchangers and storage systems for the developed PCM slurries possessing small temperature and pressure losses in the heat exchangers, high heat transfer rate and if appropriate thermal stratification in the storage system will be designed. The systems will be generic to a range of technologies, optimisation of design will be undertaken with regard to specific heat exchanger/storage unit charging/discharging patterns for solar thermal applications, burners operating at a lower heating capacity than their modulation range and peak load operations. This will involve improving the rate of heat transfer, temperature loss and stratification in the storage. Component simulation models will be developed and validated by the experimentation.

So far a storage test stand with an internal heat exchanger has been built up and measurements with a microencapsulated slurry with a phase change at 65 °C have been undertaken. Heat capacities, heat transfer rates and segregation of solid particles in the storage have been analysed. A simple 1-dimensional simulation model for a storage tank incorporating PCM slurries has been built up; considerations about a 2-dimensional model are in progress. A model for a counter flow heat exchanger with a slurry flow on one or both sides has been built up.

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