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Laboratory core scale CO2 flooding test capability enabling investigation into the influence of pressure, temperature and flow constraints

An improved laboratory core scale CO2 flooding test capability, including a 1000cc sample bearing high pressure (50MPa annular pressure, 480bar pore pressure) and temperature device, which enables investigation into the influence of pressure, temperature, and flow constraints on sorption characteristics of CO2 and CH4 in dry and water saturated coal samples under simulated reservoir conditions. The flushing experiments are designed to study the behaviour of water and methane-bearing coal on its transition to a maximum CO2 saturated coal.

The outcomes can be used to define sorption, diffusion, permeability and gas flow parameters for field simulations.

Coal cores are placed in a lead and rubber sleeve and built into a high-pressure metal tube. The metal tube is filled with hydraulic oil to apply a hydrostatic pressure on the coal core. Both ends are connected to permeable metal plates to permit a gas flow through the core.

The amount of gas transferred into and out the core is monitored by flow meters on the injection and production side. Pressure, displacement and temperature transducers are used to monitor the experiment permanently and the data are transmitted to a data acquisition system. The produced gas composition is analysed in regular intervals.

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