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Compositional simulator (METSIM2) for methane recovery

The initial CBM simulator METSIM developed at Imperial College was designed for primary methane recovery. The simulator solves a set of Darcy equations for the water and gas (methane) phases in the cleats. In order to simulate CO2 sequestration/enhanced recovery, three new equations needed to be solved simultaneously for the methane, CO2, and water components in the upgraded simulator (METSIM2).

- METSIM2 has been verified against other ECBM simulators in a numerical simulator comparison study. The results are in good agreement with those from the other ECBM simulators participating in the study.

- Using the laboratory data obtained by TUD, a bidisperse pore diffusion model was developed and implemented. Further development of the stress-permeability theory led to the pore pressure dependent absolute permeability relationship for the coalbed reservoir during both primary and CO2-enhanced recovery/CO2 storage.

- METSIM2 has been successfully used to history match the Allison Unit ECBM pilot in the San Juan basin.

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