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Diffusion model for precipitation of non stoechiometric particle in AlFeMnSi alloys

A simple 1D model describing the evolution of a primary precipitate and the one of the surrounding matrix with a prescribed micro segregation during the homogenisation has been established.

The occurrence of growth of secondary precipitates is allowed in the matrix on a second frame.

The equilibrium conditions are prescribed through thermodynamic data obtained from thermodynamical calculations. The evolution of either the chemical composition of the matrix and the primary and secondary precipitates is driven by diffusion processes.

To describe the model, the input data are the respective size of the primary precipitate and the size of the surrounding matrix, the number of secondary precipitates and the geometrical distance between these �nuclei�.

The physical input are the thermodynamic data for the different temperatures, the chemical composition of the primary precipitates and the matrix, and the diffusion data.

The temperature law is assigned.

The output of the model are the evolution of the primary precipitates (size and chemical composition) and the chemical composition of the matrix.

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