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VIRCAST as-cast microstructure interface

An interface dedicated to as-cast microstructure prediction is available in the VIRCAST software tool. The interface allows pre-processing the pseudo-front tracking model developed at EPFL for the description of as-cast microstructures.

The graphical interface allows reading the following model inputs:
- Temperature or heat extraction rate as a function of time;
- The phase diagram (primary phase only for now):
- The initial field of solid fraction;
- The diffusion coefficient in the various phases;
- The volumetric specific heat;
- The volumetric latent heat;
- The Gibbs-Thomson coefficient;
- The symmetry order of the crystal (4 for aluminium);
- The relative stiffness of the surface tension;
- The total simulation time.

The user will be able to visualize the following specific results:
- Concentration maps at various times;
- Solid fraction maps at various times;
- Temperature evolution;
- Evolution of the solid fraction in the calculation domain;
- Maps of the fractions of secondary phases (not yet implemented);
- Solidification path.

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