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Standardization of metallurgical experimental techniques

Links between six of Europe�s top aluminium production companies and seven academic research institutions have been established or intensified through the VIR[FAB] Project, resulting in collaboration in several fields. This has lead to improvements in analytical and experimental techniques that have been utilized to aid the characterization of materials for the development of a through process model. The techniques reviewed within the VIR[FAB] project have been: plane strain compression, thermo power measurement, thermo power measurement combined with residual resisitivity measurement (He-temp) and metallographic characterization techniques.

Through a process of round robins and close collaboration the effectiveness of the techniques and importance of variations in methodologies has enabled member partners to improve the accuracy and validity of their experimentation. This has resulted in higher quality data that is more representative of the material, and a greater degree of accuracy in the measurement of properties. These developments have lead to a better understanding of the influence of deformation parameters on the properties of a number of aluminium alloys and this new information has been used to aid the improvement of commercial processing and as input for the through process model.

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