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Liquid crystal techniques and daylight systems - the Glastec result

State-of-the-art as to the use of daylight in buildings are combinations of several systems where each system is optimised only for one certain task; thus contradictory functions concerning the illumination, redirection, sun shielding and glare protection, contact to the outside and utilisation of solar thermal energy in/with the same one product are not possible.

The expected benefit/result of the research and development project LCDAYLIGHT is an innovative mulitifunctional daylight system which is able to control simultaneously light and climate, i.e. transmission, reflection and scattering of daylight and sunlight. This way energy costs of buildings for lighting and heating in winter/cooling in summer can be saved.

The intended system also represents an active contribution to the environmental protection by replacing considerable amounts of fossil energies by solar energy. With the new system Glastec expects to open up new markets at least on the European level, securing the survivability in the aggressive/severe competition in the insulating glass industry and assuring a dominant position in the field of novel daylight systems.

So the results of LCDAYLIGHT, the development of the system described above is of vital interest respective at the center of interest of Glastec and directly addresses its core business.

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