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Client-Server solution for control tool

The prediction program for the biogas fermentation with neuronal networks has been included in a Client/Server - software solution. The original prediction program is located on a server in the worldwide web, and is waiting for data from the client. With the client version it is possible for the user to select Excel data files, send all necessary data for prediction to the server, and get prediction results back to the front panel of the client program.

- Data updating and substitution of weights from a new training have been done only for the server software. It is not necessary to send each user a new software version.

- Because the user just gets a front panel and not the whole program, it is possible to adapt the front panel for each user individually.

- Data from different wastewater treatment plans can be collected on the server, and can directly used for network training.

- The IP address of the user has to be listed on the server, so that the program can only be used from authorized workgroups.

Changes in the prediction software:
- Reducing organic loading rate (Bv) depending on the total volatile fatty acid concentration (VFA) occurs on the end of optimisation;

- Prediction results from the last day were not used in the new program;

- The allowed maximal Bv value will be calculated from last measured Bv value.

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