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Adaptation of an existing calculation tool for the economic evaluation of AMONCO's technical R&D results

Economic efficiency is of crucial importance for innovative technical developments in order to gain market access. Therefore, a continuous economic evaluation of AMONCO's technical R&D results has been necessary in order to guide the technical developments towards marketability.

The work was based on EBV's vast experience in economic project evaluation and project finance. In this respect EBV has adapted and enhanced its profound calculation tool towards the application for economic evaluation of AMONCO's technological achievements.

The Excel based calculation tool has been developed and continuously improved by EBV since the start of the company in 1994. The calculation tool covers all-important financial figures, such as profit and loss statement, cash flow and liquidity analysis, for the entire life cycle of renewable energy projects. Originally developed for wind energy projects the calculation tool has been adapted also to different other types of renewable energy projects, such as small hydropower and biogas plants.

Therefore, the result is a calculation tool adapted to the need of the economic evaluation of AMONCO's technical achievements. The potential of this result is a future general application concerning the economic evaluation of upcoming Biogas / Fuel Cell projects.

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