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Sensoric layout for AD control to FC power at industrial biogas plants

Utilisation of biogas in Fuel Cells (FC's) in stead of usual gas engines to CHP generation cause a dramatically increase in required purity of the biogas fuel. It is specifically, but much FC type determined, related to Sulphur, Siloxanes a.o. The major FC harming impurities are all close related to substrates subject to anaerobic digestion (AD) and the digestion process itself.

Thus, a sensoric layout enabling optimisation of substrates and AD process governing might be of decisive importance to an expected future with competitiveness in CHP generation through FC's. The results of sensoric layout as achieved by GasCon are integrated in the whole Amonco concept embracing the developed Decision Support Tool (DST) and the refined biogas purification methods developed under Work Package 8 of the project.

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