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For watches, clocks, micro-& big-screen-displays and for automotive equipments

WP 2 - Task2-3 - Improvement of new materials.

New films using two-frequency addressable liquid crystals were successfully elaborated. They allow to get rid of the disadvantages of the existing films (which take time -a few minutes or even more- to come back to their initial state):

- The return of the new films to the perfect planar reflective state only takes a few seconds

- There are no defects in the orientation of the liquid crystals molecules.

WP 3 – Task3.2 - Patterning:

From the optimal patterns defined by Bartenbach from the simulation results together with the conventional daylight systems, we developed a seven-step process to elaborate the patterned films. A very good resolution (a few microns) was obtained. We mainly focused on the increase in size of the demonstrators by adapting the above process. Currently, the devised process can be used for large area glazing and allows making any drawings, letters, digits, etc.

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