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Methodology for characterisation of the social-urban typology of open spaces

For finding issues and indicators related to the contemporary open spaces that link together the overall function of urban open spaces and the descriptive data of specific sites with the urban design process, a methodology has been developed in the framework of RUROS project.

Based on empirical results, this methodology can be used in the framework of a research programme to compare different case study sites. It can be used in the framework of urban studies as well, which have the intention to describe and evaluate open spaces basing on social survey. This result comprises: (a) the research procedure related to comfort design of urban open spaces, (b) the analysis phase within the design procedure that interrelates social issues and physical properties of contemporary open spaces by means of a classification and articulation system and (c) the evaluation tool.

The purpose is to insert operationally the perceptual levels of users and inhabitants within the design procedure of professionals as planners, architects, and decision takers.

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