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Positioning sensor for impulse-echo and tomographic investigation tools

The goal of the positioning system is mainly to provide a fast, simple and accurate positioning system within a small area of size 1-2 square metres. The absolute accuracy is expected to be below 5mm.

Several possible solutions have been evaluated in the project. The most promising solution consists of a retractable string with a length encoder built together with an angular encoder. This solution has the benefit that it is easy to set up in the field, and it provides a sufficient accuracy. Furthermore, the measuring speed can be very high. A user interface is developed that allows the operator to view the measured path on-line on a screen, thus making it easier to make sure that the whole area is covered with sufficient dense measurements.

The positioning system is quite unique in the sense that no commercial system with similar functionality exists. There are alternatives, but they are either more expensive by at least an order of magnitude, or they lacks accuracy.

A prototype of the system is build and under testing. Furthermore, a theoretical investigation of error accumulation and precision has been performed. Also a theoretical investigation of the calibration routines has been completed.

The possible use of the positioning system is multifarious. It can with only slight modifications are implemented in other applications in which an accuracy of a few millimetres is needed within a measuring area of some square metres.

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