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New ultrasonic transducer array for 3D structural tomographic investigations

The ultrasound prototype developed at BAM was created for the transmission mode. In order to realise quick measurements on-site the principle of ultrasonic transducer array will be adapted for transmission measurements at masonry. 10 to 20 transducers should be used with an electronic switch (multiplexer). The actual commercially available ultrasonic array-systems (e.g. Spectrum A1220) are designed for echo mode operation.

Historic masonries are often characterised by thick inhomogeneous walls, which are sometimes composite walls. Therefore ultrasound prototype have been adapted for signals in different frequency ranges and will use time-averaging for a good signal to noise ratio. The optimum frequency range and the type of sending pulse have been chosen. Special low frequency transducers have been tested only in a prototype version yet.

The optimal processing for tomographic measurement-data has been selected. This processing is applicable for ultrasonic through transmission with tomographic evaluation. The measurement software harmonises with the analysis-software. The result is a 2D-data plot showing the detected failures or the holes in the investigated wall. The software is described by the partner POLIMI.

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