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Decision support package

The DSP represents a strategic planning tool for the provision of urban green space and also a medium for communication between planners and public. The package designed by the Macaulay Institute and Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland provides a spatial (GIS) representation of green space types which links to a database on household location, bus and road networks. The package provides information on the accessibility of green spaces to individual households, which can also be grouped by neighbourhood. Public preference data on green space types and 3D visualizations are incorporated within the package.

A related package has been prepared the Technological University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This is also a GIS based system which combines public preference data for green space types and use with spatially presented data on the socio-economic characteristics of different neighbourhoods. The package can also be used to represents the socio-economic impact of modifications to green space or the effect of a new green space on the use of existing open spaces.

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Macaulay Institute
AB19 2QL Aberdeen
United Kingdom
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